modern fairytales.

i was thinking..

..what if the fairytales were written on the 21st century?

1. Cinderella would be looking at her Swatch watch that shows 12 o'clock and instead of running away from the ball leaving her glass shoe..says

"heck..it's still early."

2. Hansel and Gretel would call 911 for the police or tweet their father instead of leaving breadcrumbs to go back home.

3. Rapunzel would get tired of her loooooong hair and decided to do cornrows. and color it pink since Katy Perry did it in recent music award.

4. Snow White wouldn't want to eat the apple that the witch give to her. After all, she got the new Apple iPhone 4s.

5. The princess in The Princess and the Pea would just get a massive king sized bed and ditch the old mattresses

6. It would be harder for the Queen to guess the name of Rumpelstiltskin since people now like to give strange names to their poor kids..for example....

...and yeah. that's his real name. lol.

7. Sleeping beauty....well...here's what I don't get about Sleeping Beauty. How does she stay hot and clean after all those years? I mean...wouldn't she be smelly and hairy like other normal people do when they sleep so long?

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