traditional dresses are lurve.

With all brand-name dresses marching down the runway, I still think that traditional dresses hold their own significance and beauty; even after so many decades of modernization.

@ qipao/cheongsam

I think that every girl (especially the one with voluptuous curve) will look super sexy with this traditional wear. it's interesting to know that the original version was actually loosely fitted. Qipao's transformation is so tremendous, you could even see ball gown version of qipao now.

love the 2008 chinatown collection by somerset bay :)

@ ao dai

This vietnamese traditional dress is totally feminine and soft.Purity and delicacy of a woman is captured so beautifully. And girls there actually wear this dress to school. (compare that to our uniform T.T)

taken from the star travel article

@ yukata

The lighter/summer version of japanese kimono. In case you haven't learn on how crazy I am towards this outfit; please check my wishlist items xD If qipao = sexy; and ao dai = grace; yukata totally screams kawaii to me. Plus, we can choose thousands of patterns and colors. Wanna buy~ 8D

Even Blythes wear yukata!

@ kebaya

No one can deny the beauty of our kebaya. Whether it's nyonya kebaya, kebaya Perak, Selangor or baju Riau Pahang; made from cotton, songket, or silk, it is our national pride! :D <3

Kebaya Songket

p/s: Just realized that all the dresses are from asian countries xD asian girls are pretty just lyke their dresses~ :)


  1. betol-betol-betol!so, trah..sentiasalah pakai baju kebaya..kerana ko akan kelihatan ayu seperti kebaya itu :P

  2. tira... belom tgk jessica alba dlm sarong lg...

    hot gile...



  3. peah:oh.kalo pkai kebaya hari2;hilang la seri aku masa kawen nnt. bru igt nak pkai kebaya songket masa sanding xD
    nor hanis:uih...x sangka jessica alba penah dtng sarawak dan pkai sarong..gila ah XD