you shud know that you're a rebound girl/guy when..

[1] he/she just broke up with his gf/her bf. like; yesterday; or 2-4 weeks ago

[2] the so called "relationship" is somehow going reeaaally fast

[3] he/she constantly talks about his/her ex; doesn't matter if they're good or bad things; the point here is he/she can't take his mind off that girl/boy.

[4] he/she keeps asking you out (the purpose: to show you off to his ex/fellow friends)

[5] you keep thinking to yourself; 'what the hell am i doing with this guy/girl??'

if you're nodding till point number 5; then pick up the phone and call the whole deal off.
you totally deserve someone way better :)


eceh. speaking london la plak. haha. entri ini dibuat setelah aku membaca entri matpi di sini. jika beliau menasehati orang2 di luar sana supaya jgn cari rebound girl/guy; aku pon inginlah menyeru supaya jangan jadi rebound girl/guy. buang masa sajork. lebih baiklah single dr siang malam berpike "dia ni sape ekceli? nak katakan kawan tak, kekaseh x jugak..kambing kot.."

oh yeah. one more thing. do not weep. it's his/her loss, so why cry?