single = loser?

"Wei, ko xde balak/awek lagi ke??? loser gelaaaa~"

Idealism yang sangat pelik O.0
..dan kuno. I mean come on la; this is 21st century la dey~
Who needs somebody to be awesome?
Aku single tapi x pernah lak rasa cam loser; so aku pelik gak ar bila ada orang yang cakap derang loser sebab xde bf/gf. i was like, WHY? You are great just the way you are.
So friends, don't care so much about wat ppl say la.
After all, you know yourself best :)

Nope. the 'L' is not for Loser. It's for gLee coz i'm currently hooked up to that musical series :P


  1. hahaha.even couple pun ade yg loser beb.so, senang cte, loser tuh kat mane2 pun boleh pakai.hahah~

  2. no la dear

    i wud say cmni

    "ur still single? wow! thats hot"


    Cheers. single ppl alwez hot k. n sexy. in their on style. n us taken ppl also sexy. hahaahah.

    ok. mengarut sbb bc cc :P

  3. peah: hahahaha. the biggest loser pon pakai 'loser' gak :P

    orkid: yeah. doesn't matter wat's ur status; if u think you're hot; then you are 8D
    baek. mari membaca cc =.=

  4. hahha!! betol beb..aku setuju dgn ko!

    btw..aku speculated..bcoz of dat picture, u come wif this entry..tol kan? gotcha tirah!! hahah..gmbar nie mmg sgt lawa!!

    btw..u r not alone..im addicted to glee too!! jom kiter wat musical dance b4 grad?? post kat youtube..den famous satu dunia..den invited to be in glee for 2nd seasons pilot!! hahaha..bab2 merepek nie..pass kat aku jer..hahaha :P

  5. OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    aku setuju 187%!!!!!!!
    jom2~!!! \:D/