if someone asks me "have you ever fallen in love?" i'd say yes.


and if he asks me "who is he?" i'd say you.
i've loved you and i regret nothing.
yes. loved. i don't feel the same way that i did with you as before.
you are part of yesterday. a past tense.

still a foolish smile (or sometimes, a tear) would escape whenever i think of you.

it's safe to say that we are strangers now.
and if we were to meet again in the future, we'd act like strangers.
i'd just smile at you and we would part our ways.

but whichever way that you take, i'd be happy for you.

p/s: you know, if you wanna admit anything/confess to anyone, now's the right time. the world's gonna end in 3 days :P (kidding. don't believe in such nonsense ok!)

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