top 5 fashion picks.

not numbered; coz i can't decide which one is the best :)
  • LBD aka Little Black Dress
Nobody can pass the classiness of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Her secret? sleek, simple LBD.

  • Denim
Everyone loves denim because of its durability. And you can make almost anything out of denim! shoes; bags; dresses; you name it!

  • Cardigans
I like GAP's new cardi ad campaign; basic cardi with eye-popping colours to liven up your wardrobe.

  • Boots
They elongate the legs; and look pretty on you! E.g: the sweet, demure anne hathaway in DWP :D

  • Hobo bags
I dunno wai i adore the shape so much. it looks cute; not too big and also not too small. just perfect! :)

p/s: ok now; sape nak belikan beg merah jimmy choo tu kat aku angkat kaki? :P


  1. omg!!! LBD is soooo tempting! n hobo bag too. ok. fine. eh eh. y x include heels skali? hehe

  2. cardigan n jeans pun okey kan?


  3. definitely cardies!
    naseb baik ko nak beg merah jimmy choo
    kalo nak beg merah prada xtau ape ak nk jwb~

  4. kak mah: i knoeeeeee~ sgt classic kan? xDDDD sebab heels dah besa nmpk. org pkai knee high boots jarang2 ditemui..hehe :P

    matpi: yes!!! sgt simple and casual :D

    zet: aiyark. Pradas are only for devils xDDDD good girls gone bad plak pkai jimmy choo :P