luahan perasaan di kala buat fyp proposal D:

yes. i am a wannabe.
yes. i am gedix (sometimes)
yes. i am a bit perasan.

so what? this is me.
at least i'm being someone that i want to be.
you, on the other hand who constantly critisizing other people like you own the whole universe, are not being honest to yourself.
maybe it's the way you gain your self-confidence. whatever. i kinda pity a person like you. sitting in your own pathetic little world and try to find other's mistakes.

continue on what you are doing. i will not give a s**t about it. not anymore.

have a nice life.

ok. lega.dah lama nak kutuk org ni sejak dier panggil aku wannabe dulu. dah la fitnah aku buat benda yg ak x buat. dier ade hak nak kutuk2 org,aku pun ade medium kt blog aku nak luahkan perasaan aku. fair and square.

sekian trima kasih.


  1. wanabe tuh macam wasabe, pedas sket..

  2. peah : wannabe - want to be.
    sur : em...maybe
    bobo : haah.btol2.seplo markah~