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7 years....

...and counting :)

Ok tak payah nak gelak sangat..tau la aku nerd kecik2 dulu =.="

Osaka Day 3 : Nishiki Market, Kinkakuji, Arashiyama & Hep Five

Third day in Kansaaii~

Nishiki Market 

We met a young japanese mother with her baby, Takumi-chan on our way from Osaka to Kyoto station :3 
From Kyoto station, we took another train to Shijo station. It's about 15 minutes walk to find Nishiki Market.

Le Market. We didn’t find live octopus though, or else I’d probably try one *yeah riiight* :P

Not sure what this is..fermented vegetables maybe? 

Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)

This pagoda is covered in gold leaf paint,hence the name Golden Pavilion. Such a postcard-perfect scenery~~

There’s one more pagoda called Ginkakuji (silver pavilion) but it is not silver at all, I’m not sure why haha

Anyway, this place is a famous tourists attraction so do come early to avoid the crowd :)


In our original schedule, we planned on spending whole day here, turned out two hours is sufficient enough with bicycle.
I recommended riding a bicycle or hop on Saga scenic view railway since this place is like a small town. Plus riding bicycle makes me feel like a heroine in romantic Japanese drama hahaha *i watch too many j-doramas aishh* :P

Togetsukyo bridge. This place is sooo romantic. We found too many great dating spots in both Osaka and Kyoto. Must come again with someone special bwahah :P

The infamous bamboo forest. Doesn’t look so cool in my photo but trust me, you have to see this place yourself! It’s like being in another world! So surreal~

A family dressed in traditional wear. Kawaii~

Hep Five

Went back to Osaka, and we decided to check out Yodobashi Umeda first, and I was so glad we did! Look what I found!! :"D (I posted an article about this anime here

Whole shelf just for Shingeki woot woott~ But..I only managed to get a keychain since the stuffs were crazy expensive..this keychain costs me about RM40+ .. :')

Hep Five Ferris Wheel. Remember when I told you that Osaka has many Ferris Wheels? Well this is one of them. It’s located at top floor of a shopping complex..how cool is that? :D

Osaka at night.

Next : Day 4 and 5 – Takayama & Shirakawa-go


Osaka Day 2 : Nijo Castle, Kiyomizudera & Fushimi Inari

Day 2 of Kansai trip started with going to Kyoto via train from Osaka station. This station is so darn biggg. They even got north and south gate, each with department stores. I don't know how the Japanese manage to keep their children un-lost in this place XD

View from Osaka to Kyoto

Journey to Kyoto took about 55 minutes by train.You could cut it to 15 minutes by using shinkansen (bullet train) but of course the price would be higher. For those with JR pass for foreigner, certain types of shinkansen are included in the fee. I suggest you take JR pass if you're travelling for long distance travel, and for more than 7 days. If not, just purchase ICOCA card and top up everyday.The idea is the same as touch and go card, except you buy and top up using machine. 

Nijo Castle

First stop was Nijo-jo (jo stands for castle in Japanese) Entry fee is 600 yen. Since we did not manage to go to Osaka castle, we found this visit interesting, as Japanese castle is waayy different than any castles in the world..not that I've been to many of them, but normally castles have lots of furnitures right? Well this one doesn't. Even high ruler like shogun have humble,spacious room in their castle. But the walls and ceilings are painted and carved so beautifully, you will immediately be reminded that this is in fact, a castle.

Taking pictures inside the castle are prohibited, so I bought a postcard that shows the interior. This is how it looks inside

We got a little lost while trying to find the next place lol. but it's quite ok since the view of fall season approaching is kinda cool 

Kiyomizudera Temple

We hopped off at Kiyomizu-Gojo station and walk for about 20 minutes..actually it was more like 30 minutes since it's up on a hill =.="

This place was soo jam packed with tourists and locals! Lots of people were wearing kimono. We later learnt that in certain places, you could get discount up till 50% by only wearing kimono. So if you happened to have one, do wear it in kyoto!

View in kiyomizudera.

Mass purification.

Just outside the temple,we could see lines of shops selling sweets,ice-cream,and souvenirs.

Phew..kiyomizudera was quite challenging with all the hike up and down. Plus the sun was violently shining above us (I have this habit of creating novel-like sentence so bare with me :P) We decided to take bus number 205 to go straight to Kyoto Station.

Fushimi Inari

Situated just outside Inari station. In shinto religion, torii gates symbolizes the "door" to purity. torii gates in fushimi inari is special since they got thousands of them. each are being donated by successful businessman,therefore the name of the donor are carved on each gate.

Second day was so tiring since we got to travel back to Osaka, that took another one hour. But it was definitely fun! :)

Day 3 : Nishikido market, Kinkakuji & Arashiyama