Osaka Day 3 : Nishiki Market, Kinkakuji, Arashiyama & Hep Five

Third day in Kansaaii~

Nishiki Market 

We met a young japanese mother with her baby, Takumi-chan on our way from Osaka to Kyoto station :3 
From Kyoto station, we took another train to Shijo station. It's about 15 minutes walk to find Nishiki Market.

Le Market. We didn’t find live octopus though, or else I’d probably try one *yeah riiight* :P

Not sure what this is..fermented vegetables maybe? 

Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)

This pagoda is covered in gold leaf paint,hence the name Golden Pavilion. Such a postcard-perfect scenery~~

There’s one more pagoda called Ginkakuji (silver pavilion) but it is not silver at all, I’m not sure why haha

Anyway, this place is a famous tourists attraction so do come early to avoid the crowd :)


In our original schedule, we planned on spending whole day here, turned out two hours is sufficient enough with bicycle.
I recommended riding a bicycle or hop on Saga scenic view railway since this place is like a small town. Plus riding bicycle makes me feel like a heroine in romantic Japanese drama hahaha *i watch too many j-doramas aishh* :P

Togetsukyo bridge. This place is sooo romantic. We found too many great dating spots in both Osaka and Kyoto. Must come again with someone special bwahah :P

The infamous bamboo forest. Doesn’t look so cool in my photo but trust me, you have to see this place yourself! It’s like being in another world! So surreal~

A family dressed in traditional wear. Kawaii~

Hep Five

Went back to Osaka, and we decided to check out Yodobashi Umeda first, and I was so glad we did! Look what I found!! :"D (I posted an article about this anime here

Whole shelf just for Shingeki woot woott~ But..I only managed to get a keychain since the stuffs were crazy expensive..this keychain costs me about RM40+ .. :')

Hep Five Ferris Wheel. Remember when I told you that Osaka has many Ferris Wheels? Well this is one of them. It’s located at top floor of a shopping complex..how cool is that? :D

Osaka at night.

Next : Day 4 and 5 – Takayama & Shirakawa-go

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