Osaka Day 1 : Aqualiner, Osaka Aquarium & Glico Man!

This is my second time in Japan because last year I went to Tokyo. You can read my adventure here
Why Japan again? Well my initial plan is actually to kidnap Nishikido Ryo but I realized that that would be silly of me since I didn't bring enough luggage to shove him inside..

..So I settled on just visiting Osaka,Kyoto and Takayama instead.

Me and my two friends hopped on our AirAsia flight at around 0100 (RM 645, return not including baggage/meal) and arrived in Kansai International Airport at 0800. Had breakfast at Sanuki Udon, the only certified halal udon shop in Kansai Airport.They even have prayer room for Muslims. Good job Kansai Airport! :D

We booked this hostel in advance - J-hoppers Osaka for 2,500 yen per night per person..2500 yen is around RM 82..Make sure you book this hostel in advance because it's so popular among backpackers. One thing I like about travelling in Japan is their accommodation. Even a no star hostel is so squeaky clean and comfortable, you feel obligated to actually becoming a clean freak yourself..but yeah it only lasted there.. :P

Since check-in time is at 1500, we left our baggage at J-hoppers and went straight to our first destination.

Osaka Castle (Himeji) 

Initially we planned on walking to the castle, but we settled on taking Osaka Aqualiner instead. Fee is 1,700 yen.

View during Aqualiner tour. 

I kept looking for Osaka Castle but couldn't find it..

Good looking bulding..I think it's a museum or something..I have short span attention.lol~

More good looking building..

Where lah this Osaka Castle??

Then suddenly...

Whaaat? so far away! hahahah..it was quite frustrating to know that they didn't stop right in front of Osaka Castle.

From my own experience, I suggest you take this Aqualiner in spring time, when sakura trees are blooming. There's not much to see around the riverbank in autumn :\

Osaka Aquarium 

Next, Kaiyukan! Or Osaka Aquarium. It's at Osakako station. You need to walk for about 10 minutes from station to get here. Weee I was excited since I saw this building in J dorama XD

Tempozan Ferris Wheel is nearby. Osakan people really love ferris wheels. They're everywhere but this one is among the biggest I've seen

Fee for adult is 2,300 yen but it's totally worth it! :DDD

I swear the animals here are well trained to entertain the visitors. whenever I went closer to the glass aquarium, they would jump/clap/yawn/synchronized swim like circus animals! asxyqpq so cute :DDD

Ok this guy needs more training..he looks bored and was giving a "stop looking at me you weird people!" look

King crabs. Lookin so yummeh...Good thing he's in a big aquarium or else.. :L

This fella is so cute he could kill people with his cuteness! 

Are these jellyfishes or paintings of jellyfish?

I was communicating with this whale shark. Feel like I'm in Free Willy or something.

It's a Cornwhale! (Unicorn + Whale) or they called it narwhal but Cornwhale is a much better name, right?.. I didn't even know we have this creature on this planet! 
View around Kaiyukan...This is like a perfect dating spot..so darn romantic

Glico Man

Off to search for Glico Man around shopping district, Minami(Namba). Glico is actually a Japanese company that produces stuffs like candy,biscuits,ice cream,etc. The 300m billboard had been there since 1930s,making it Osaka's most prominent trademark after Osaka Castle. 
Giant picture of Nino from Arashi~ My fangirl mode is always on in Japan xD

And that was day 1 of Osaka!

Next: Kyoto! (Nijo Castle, Kiyomizudera & Fushimi Inari) and owh..I did found Nishikido Ryo somewhere..

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