Apparently being single female at 25 is an alarming situation

It’s funny how people actually care about my love life more than me. Even my family, the ones that I thought had been cool and composed about the fact that I’m single for 25 years is lecturing me about finding “the one”. Well it’s not like I don’t give it a thought at all. Of course I want to have a relationship with someone, someday. But it’s not something that I prioritize at the moment. I want to travel to Europe,watch a live football match at least once, learn, read more books, see more movies, smell more flowers and understand life by myself. Of course one would argue that I’m already 25 and if I don’t start now, then when? Idk people. If only it’s as easy as picking out pomegranate at Giant. We’re talking about thousands of pomegranate here and I’ll be spending the rest of my life with the pomegranate that I have chosen. Sure, some of my friends are already married, have children and few are getting married, but that doesn’t mean that I have to jump at the next man I find attractive and propose to him,right? I have to know him well enough, his interests, hobbies, what he dislikes, blah3 and that takes commitment. A commitment that I don’t feel like giving right now. Maybe if I like someone enough, I’d naturally do that. Maybe.                                                               So yeah. Them freaking out about me not freaking out about the whole relationship/marriage thing is actually, freaking me out. Gah.


  1. i feel you beb.
    the diff is just my mom says nothing bout that, but the people other than her who seemed to 'worried' bout when-will-i-get-married things. zzzz

  2. never settle for 2nd best! u r the best n noooo u need to find the best n dun be stress out bcoz of them ye :)