movie review : the descendants.

I've been meaning to watch this movie since critics named it as one of the "award-worth" movies, and yeah, because George Clooney's in it.

So basically it's about a middle aged man with his 2 daughters, trying to get themselves ready before the "departure" of his wife. she had been involved in a tragic boat accident that eventually revealed few unexpected secrets.

If you're into action movies or even romantic comedy, this is not a movie for you. you might end up snoring on your seat.

If you're into George "the sexy beast" Clooney , this is also not a movie for you.

He is no "Danny Ocean" in Descendants. Even the way he run is funny (and almost sad)

But if you're into family-oriented movies, the warm, fuzzy feeling will come at you when you watch this.

I did feel warm watching Matthew's (Clooney's character) effort to control his two teenage daughters, even though he has no idea on how to do it since before the accident, he's hardly even at home.

And the daughters really portrayed today's youngsters attitude towards their parents. They are rude, outspoken and demanding. But above all, they love their folks (even if they don't say it out loud)

The movie also taught us about heritage, of no matter how far we've come and go, the land that once theirs is now ours. it's up to us whether we want to appreciate our "gift" from them or not.

It's been a while since I had this certain smile in my face while I think of my own family.

Little Miss Sunshine and Sister's Keeper once made me smile like that.

This one had managed to do the same.

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