knowing girls 101.

Well idk if these gonna be useful to all the guys out there cause your girls might behave differently than me, but this is somewhat the general view of how girls' minds work. don't worry babes, not gonna spill everything bout us ;)

1. When we say "I'm OK", most of the time it means "I'm not OK."

We just weird that way. It's the indicator for us to know whether you are sensitive to our mood changes or not.

2. We appreciate little things.

A bouquet of flower might mean $50 of your salary gone in just seconds, but for us it shows how much you care for your loved one (and please don't go pick the wrong flower :) do your homework first~)

3. We're hard to get, but easy to retain.

Once we've fallen head over heels for you, we usually stay that way for the rest of our lives (well, most of us, i presume)

4. No matter how pretty you think we are, we still gonna whine about our looks now and then.

So just listen (or pretend to) when we start babbling about our weight, or blackheads. And if necessary, calm us down with your sweet nothings. Don't go the wrong way by adding up to our "imperfections' list" D<

5. Don't talk about other girls in front of us (especially the younger,prettier ones)

A woman is another woman's enemy. So save your ex-gf(s) or dream girls' story to yourself.

Aaaanddd..running out of ideas. lol. add some more in the comment section if you want to :)

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