news update.

I got an offer in Carigali PETRONAS. Was excited to receive a letter from them at first, and then my mom informed me that it's in Kota Kinabalu. Then I got anxious, scared, angry, and all the negative feelings I could possibly feel. KK sounds too far away, and I hate being far away from all the people that I know, especially my family D:

For the past few days, I've been praying hard to Allah to help me find the right path. Should I or should I not accept the offer. And I think I got the answer already.

I'm going to KK.

I believe that He knows what's best for me. And I know that as long as I keep having faith with Allah, I will be save in anywhere in the world, InsyaAllah ;)

That reminds me..I watched this food channel the other day. The commentator (or eater in this case. lol) said that a Chinese porridge feast is similar to life. The plain porridge is the constant. We need to have this in life no matter what or we will be starving (in life; I translate this constant to faith in God) and then, there are other side dishes in which he called them the 'colorful distraction' like nchovies, salty veges, etc. Sometimes we need them, sometimes we don't. They create different flavors and usually, if we have too much of these, it will ruin the porridge itself. In life, the colorful distractions might be translated into money, positions, and other exciting entities. We need them, yes but at times; we shouldn't be greedy or they will distract the entire course of our life.

We should always have the constant and a lil bit of colorful side dishes here and there..because then, life won't be as hard as we usually think of ;)


  1. gudlak beb!
    dun wori, i'll definitely come to KK for holiday, then we can meet. insyaAllah =D

  2. gudlak beb:) yes,believe everything yg Allah swt tentukan, mmg yg terbaik untuk kita :)
    i know u can be independent gal there!:)

  3. congrats! doakan sy ek si junior utp ni..ade si 3-6 ni