a lesson learnt.

Today at the airport, I saw someone that resembles my favorite lecturer back in UTP, Dr. Alan G Downe. Whilst reminiscing the good old days in college, I smile. How I have missed that enthusiastic face of him telling the whole class about a topic on corporate communication. He might not remember me, but I'll never forget that energy he transfers to us every time he stands in front of the room. You can tell that he's enjoying what he's doing. That same joy excites us to go to his next class. What's interesting about him is that he values his students' opinion. He would make us write about our past experiences for example, and reads them out loud and discuss about it together. Communicate. That's what he did to us. He influences me in a way that I've accidentally discover my own passion.

Tell. that's what I've always wanted to do in my life. It could be in various kinds of medium, be it in a tiny logo, or a gigantic billboard, or even a short movie. A conversation. Or lyrics. Maybe a novel. Conveying a message to someone might appear to be simple, but it's not. You have to understand your demographic, or in a simple word, your subject to tell. The message might been heard or seen, but is it understood? That's the hard part in telling. To make them understand, and even better, act. why would anyone prefer pepsi over coca cola for example? They must be a message that had been heard, understood and "motivated" these people to choose the brand.

I hope that someday, I would be able to tell more. and by more, it need not be in how many people that listen to me. "Always prefer quality over quantity when it comes to communication", he said, ending one of his lessons on one afternoon, few years back. Yet his voice is still as clear as I could remember..

p/s :  if my English sucks, I put the entire blame on my cough syrup. nite :P


  1. Yes u r good in "teling"! Go chase ur dream. Small step will lead u somewhere. Let me know if u need help :-) :-)

  2. Ha haha..it seems you have good grasp over english, mmmm... like downe, are u downe????