one of those days.

aaahhh...nothing feels as great as sipping a cup of coffee to freshen up your morning,huh?

you see, my day had started all wonderful..probably coz i had a good sleep the night before (thanks Saf! :D) and was hanging out at one of my most favorite hanging out spots..not just any mcD restaurant..it's mcD ampang park. lol. that place has the same effect to me as what Mclarens had on Ted Mosby and his gang =)

ok. back to the story. 'lepak'ing at mcD ampang with saf till about 10.30..then i went straight to kl sentral to catch klia express. all the way to lcct, i was enjoying my view..like i was in some kind of a trip (owh,forgot to mention. went to s'pore before that. sort of 'hurmm' kind of trip since s'porean are not-so-surprisingly, not-so-friendly. meh) arrived at lcct @ around 12.30.

and of course, the gate had closed. stupid enough, i did not checked in beforehand. was mumbling "oh sheet!" in front of the counter and flailing like mad till i got my composure back.

That mistake costs me 500 bucks. T____T

So dear friends, the moral of the story is that; if you don't have a private jet, make an effort to buy one so that instead of you waiting for the plane..the plane waits for you.


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