when you start to work, you'll find out that...

$ Weekends and holidays are heaven-sent
Still, the best kind of holiday is the one that we don't apply for. eg: your country won suzuki cup..or your office burned down, so u got a whole week of holiday. lol.

$ You start to develop few sets of unexpected skills; eg : cheating,kissing a*s, etc.
Don't worry about learning these skills so much; just watch real-life examples from your colleagues.

$ You'll start to hate your alarm clock. very very much.
The alarm clock song will be the most disgusting sound you've ever heard.

$ Acronyms are being used very frequently
eg : CYA -> my boss taught me this. find out from your boss. lol.

$ Personal matters fall under second priority
Even the tiniest little things, like paying the bills; because of some big contracts your boss keep nagging you about

$ Studying is so much easier
In college, you wake up at 10, sit in the class without even listening to what the lecturer said; and still can pass the exam. try to do that now;come to work at 10;sit in the meeting and yawn every 4 seconds.....

$ You'll be reminded on how incompetent you are. again and again.
There are workshops, trainings, and all sorts of self improvement classes;makes you wonder, "Am I ever gonna get better?"

$ This will be your life motto..

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